What Can You Learn From a Commercial Roofing Inspection?

Having you commercial roof inspected can offer many benefits. It can simplify insurance claims and extend your roof’s lifespan. A roof inspection can also help you and the roofing contractor detect small problems before they grow into big ones. But what exactly do you learn during one of these inspections?

What an Inspection Teaches You About Your Roof

Your Roof’s Current Condition

When you have an inspection performed, you can learn about the condition of your roof. You’ll find out about potential roof repairs, like worn-out flashing, damaged membrane or ponding on the membrane, and you can work with your roof inspector to find out what is causing these conditions. Are they caused by exposure to the elements, deck construction,or is there a flaw in your roofing system’s installation? An inspection can help you find out.

Your Roof’s Lifespan

Once you understand the condition your roof is in, you can learn more about the overall life of the roof. You can find estimated life span lengths for different roof types online, but you need to know about your roof’s specific lifespan in its current condition. Roofing inspection services can help you gain insight into why your roof is in its current condition, and how that will impact its life expectancy. Your roof inspector can help you figure out whether it still has an average lifespan, or whether damage has shortened it or regular maintenance has extended it.

How Your Roof Membrane Works

Most people, including commercial building owners, don’t think about their roofs unless they start leaking or another problem occurs. But having regularly scheduled inspections performed can help you understand how the roof membrane protects your building, and its relationship to the rest of the building. You can learn about the roof membrane installed and its strengths and weaknesses, as well as how vulnerable it is to roof leaks. You can also talk to your roof inspector about your roof-mounted mechanical components and learn about how those work with and connect to the exterior roof components. All of this will give you a better understanding of your roof, your building, and why your roofing system may experience specific kinds of damage.

Roofing Project Possibilities

When you have a roof inspection performed, you can find out whether your roof is able to sustain any roofing projects you may have in mind. For instance, you can find out whether your roof is in an acceptable condition for having solar panels installed on it. You can also learn about the possibility of installing other equipment, like an HVAC system, on your roof. Regular inspections can help you plan out the future of your roof and choose which projects will be part of that.

Complimentary Roofing Inspections for Your Commercial Roof

At C.I. Services, we will perform a complimentary roofing inspection on any commercial roofing or waterproofing surface. During this process, our technicians examine the entire system before determining what kinds of solutions your roof needs. We also photograph the areas to document the parts of the roof that need repairs. If you’d like a complimentary roofing inspection for your commercial roof, contact us today.

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