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CIS – California’s Leading Source for Cool Roof Solutions

Cool roofs are the most common types of reflective roofing surfaces. These layered surfaces reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than any other standard roofing system. Commonly referred as a “Title 24 roof,” these reflective solutions limit the overall intensity of heat zones.

At C.I. Services, we provide Title 24 roofing care to enhance the durability of the overall surface as well as meeting California Compliances. Our cool roof solutions are Energy Star certified. It’s the perfect way to preserve your air conditioning and interior heating systems.

There are many advantages that come with our Title 24 solutions. With these unique cooling solutions in place, you’ll be able to:

Fortunately, CIS provides a cool roof coating on every finished project. All roofing systems that we install will always be protected by a white, reflective layer. This is a permitted solution that is up to code with all compliance policies.

When needed, CIS provides a final reflective coat.

Trust CIS to put the finishing touches on every project.

A Reflective Layer of Support

C.I. Services is proud to be considered California’s leading roofing contractor. Businesses can always count on us to deliver a solution that will provide maximum comfort throughout the entire workplace. Our reflective, cool roofs are no exception to this testament. At CIS, we add a cool roof layer to every customer’s roofing system. This helps building managers and property owners save a fortune on their utility bundles. The Title 24 roofing protection is the ultimate supplement for your HVAC system.

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With our help, you can expect a quality service, suitable protection, and increased amounts of energy efficiency. We’ll always be there to keep you safe from the effects of a harmful heat zone. With CIS by your side, we’ll serve you with a responsive solution, high quality work, and a safe environment for everyone in the building.

Interested in a reflective roof support system? Learn more about our cool roof solutions today. Contact us at (800) 830-7888 or send an email to to receive more information about any of our unique service offerings.

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