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Year-Round Roof Maintenance Solutions

When it comes to roofing care, C.I. Services is California’s leading source for commercial facilities. At CIS, we specialize in roof repair and maintenance because our experts understand what it takes to keep your roof in working order. When customers invest their trust in us, we always come through to keep their building in pristine condition.

Our technicians provide routine maintenance at least one to two times a year. During this process, we will clean the roofing system, including the drains, guards, and gutters. We’ll make sure that the entire system is free of debris, dirt, mud, and other contaminants that cause damages. This comes as a complimentary service with any of our roofing installation programs.

Before performing any services, we always document the condition of the facility. Following the installation of your roof, we will take pictures of the surface and repeat this process every time we come to perform an inspection. This helps us determine what type of solution we need to provide and allows us to keep you up to date on your roof’s condition. We are able to project the level of care that a project needs two to three years in advance.

We’ll Keep Things Maintained No Matter What

At CIS, we provide customizable maintenance solutions on every roofing surface. All of our maintenance programs depend on what the customer needs. It doesn’t matter who makes the installations on your roofing system. You can rest easy knowing that we will treat it with the proper care, no matter what. Call us to set up any type of maintenance service. Maintenance and repairs are complimentary solutions guaranteed in our no-leak preventative program.

Commercial roof systems have short lifespans.

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your roof.


VIP Commercial Roofing Maintenance Programs

Setting up a base-line protection program is a critical way to preserve your roofing system. C.I. Services makes it an easy task. As manufacturer-trained specialists, we provide customers with optimal solutions that fit budgets accordingly. Our staff is well-versed in every step of commercial roofing. You can count on us to provide you with a quality solution, detailed inspection, and an outlined report of important information and the current roof condition.

To make things easier, we provide you with all the expected costs well in advance. Each program comes with a full-year warranty on any work we perform. This keeps you covered if any leaks need to be repaired during the course of our preventative program.

Want to test out our maintenance solutions for a full year? Just give us a call to set up a trial run today. Contact us at (800) 830-7888 or send us a message to try things out.

Learn More About Us

Visit our About Us page to learn more about our history, processes, and customer service offerings. These offerings include a customer portal where you view your entire project portfolio, report service requests, and set and monitor your roofing budgets. We also provide detailed project proposals with photos that assess your roof’s needs and outline what needs to be done. On the process side of things, we partner with only the top industry manufacturers to ensure your roof always has high-quality materials to keep it going. Our company leaders are also extremely involved in roofing industry associations, such as the NRCA, WSRCA, and RCAC. We stay involved in these organizations so we can always stay on top of the latest roofing advancements and keep our customers informed about them. Our About Us page has all this information and more.

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