Industrial Roof Inspection

Know if your roof needs repairs or replacement with a thorough roof inspection.

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Industrial Roof Inspection

Although you may not think about it every day, your roof is a vital part of your building. It protects you, your employees, and the workplace from the sun, wind, rain, and more. However, your roof is not impervious to damage or wear and tear. Over time, the health of your roof is going to decline and need repairs or replacement.

As your roof declines, you may notice issues like cracks, leaks, or worse. This often leads to businesses requesting emergency patches or other types of repair. It doesn’t pay to be reactive to issues since emergency repairs and replacement can be expensive. Be proactive with a commercial roof survey done by the experienced team at C.I. Services.

Complimentary Roof Inspection

C.I. Services is a premier roofing company that serves commercial clients across the state of California. Our team consists of highly trained industry professionals who are capable of handling any roofing issue you may have. As California’s favorite roofing services provider, we are dedicated to providing a level of service that exceeds expectations.

If you have questions about your industrial roof, don’t hesitate to schedule a roof inspection. Our inspections come at no charge to you and are performed by some of the Golden State’s best inspectors. When you call on us, we come ready to evaluate the entire property to determine the best possible solution for your situation. Through this service, we’re able to keep your roof in tip-top shape and extend its service life.

What Happens During an Inspection?

C.I. Services is a roofing company that takes pride in providing superior roofing services. We always strive to give our clients a customer experience they can’t get elsewhere. That’s why we take an innovative approach to our roof inspections.

One of the easiest ways to tell if there’s an issue with your roof is if there are leaks, cracks, mold, or other problematic signs inside the building. So, we start the roof inspection process from inside of your facility. Our inspector examines every nook and cranny of your roof, looking for evidence of damage.

After the inside inspection, we use a remote-controlled drone to take pictures of the area and document every square inch of your roof system. Not only is this a safe way to perform an external inspection, but it also drastically cuts down on time. With a 3D drone mapping program, our inspector is able to give you a detailed report. This report provides an overview of the state of the roof.

The next step is to take the information we gathered and analyze it. From finding roof leaks to detecting broken shingles, we keep an eye out for any potential issues that may be plaguing your roof. If we find a problem or an opportunity to improve your roof, we show you where service is needed. Our goal is to work with you to create a solution that makes sense for your building and your budget.

Core Sampling

In a situation where we can’t see the roof deck from inside the building, our inspector may deem it necessary to take a few core samples. Core sampling is the process where our inspector removes a small portion of your roof to determine a few factors, including:

  • The number of layers your roof has
  • The material used for the substrate
  • The level of saturation or moisture in your roof
  • The age of your roof

The number of core samples our inspector takes depends on the size of your roof, the slope, where water travels, and areas highlighted during the internal inspection. After these samples are analyzed, we repair the areas where the samples were taken from.

Common Problems We Find

There are many problems that can affect the functionality of your roof and shorten its service life. The key to roof longevity is finding these issues before they can become bigger problems. This is the importance of having regular roof inspections.

Common issues that we often find during our inspections include:

  • Debris: Branches, leaves, trash, and other items often find their way onto roofs. If not removed, they can prevent water from draining properly, causing pooling.
  • Pooling: Pooling is when there’s standing water on your roof with nowhere to go. Although a puddle of water can seem harmless, it can erode flashing, promote vegetation growth, or even cause a roof collapse.
  • Flashing Damage: Flashing is the thin flat material that prevents water from entering into openings like where your roof meets the chimney or gutters. This material can crack or form crevices over time.
  • Clogged Gutters: Your gutters are a drainage system that directs water away from your roof. These systems can get clogged if too much debris gets stuck in them.
  • Roof Blisters: A roof blister is a raised area—filled with air or water—where there is a loss of adhesion between the membrane and the roof. This is often caused by moisture, bad installation, or poor ventilation.

Schedule Your Industrial Roofing Inspection

C.I. Services is committed to providing high-quality workmanship with excellent customer service. We do everything we can to not only keep your roof in peak condition, but to also extend its life expectancy by years. With C.I. Services, you can rest easy knowing your roofing system is in the hands of professionals.

Schedule a roof inspection today to learn about the condition of your roof. Give us a call at (800) 830-7888, and we can set up a full-service checkup with one of our certified roofing contractors. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Visit our About Us page to learn more about our history, processes, and customer service offerings. These offerings include a customer portal where you view your entire project portfolio, report service requests, and set and monitor your roofing budgets. We also provide detailed project proposals with photos that assess your roof’s needs and outline what needs to be done. On the process side of things, we partner with only the top industry manufacturers to ensure your roof always has high-quality materials to keep it going. Our company leaders are also extremely involved in roofing industry associations, such as the NRCA, WSRCA, and RCAC. We stay involved in these organizations so we can always stay on top of the latest roofing advancements and keep our customers informed about them. Our About Us page has all this information and more.

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