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Looking for Experienced Roofers in Los Angeles?

Do you need installation services? Or maybe you want to adopt an eco-friendly approach for your commercial space. Do you know a contractor who can deliver on all of your roofing needs and then some? As premier commercial roofers in Los Angeles, C.I. Services specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining roofing systems for many types of buildings.

Our customer-centric approach means every service you get is the right fit for your specific situation; you no longer have to settle for one-size-fits-all services that don’t make sense for your building. Buildings that have endured routine wear and tear (or worse) need an LA roofing contractor that can revitalize their space without charging a fortune. For everything you need to keep your building safe, operational, and strong for years to come, we’re here to help.

What Do You Want From Your Los Angeles Roof Coatings?

C.I. Services always gets the job done. For 30 years, we’ve provided waterproof roof coatings for commercial buildings across the West Coast. If you have water intrusion issues and need to prevent further damage, we have the knowledge and the experience to meet your needs.

A waterproof coating is an excellent way to extend the life of your Commercial Roof System. By installing a roof coating, you add a protective layer that shields your property from rain, and early aging. Other coatings like our cool roofing materials can even protect against UV rays and reduce heat on the roof’s surface as well as inside your building.

We’re a roofing company that believes in avoiding the avoidable. We offer high-quality LA roofing solutions to correct and prevent issues before they become major problems. With CIS by your side, you have access to the latest roofing technologies and a team of roofing experts devoted to your safety and success.

Reliable Commercial Roof Restoration in Los Angeles

A complete roof replacement is expensive and sometimes unnecessary. CIS is committed to extending the life of commercial roofs through our renovation services. We inspect your roofing system for weaknesses and make improvements to ensure the integrity of your property.

Faulty seams and fasteners can lead to severe damage when unaddressed. Taking care of high-risk areas before they’re beyond repair saves you money and a headache. You’ll need less maintenance later, and your roof will stand stronger than ever before. CIS strives to keep you ahead of any roofing problems.

We Offer Many High-Quality LA Roofing Solutions

Exceptional roofing solutions don’t have to be hard to find. At C.I. Services, we offer everything you need to fortify your roof. Our commercial roofing services include:

Not every commercial building is built to withstand inclement weather and routine wear and tear. Even fewer are built with energy efficiency in mind. That’s what makes C.I. Services different from other commercial roofing contractors in Los Angeles—we don’t prioritize any one specific quality over another. We provide comprehensive roofing solutions that improve durability and longevity while maximizing energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Who Do You Call When Things Go South?

There’s never a convenient time for roof damage, and if you’re not careful, seemingly minor issues can quickly spiral into something much more difficult and expensive to repair. Preventative maintenance for your roof or consistent assessments for your roof may seem unnecessary when things are going well, but that’s the thing about the state of your roof—it can change in an instant.

At C.I. Services, our goal is to help you avoid the avoidable. We don’t want our customers to have to worry about the state of their roof. No commercial building should deal with downtime because of a predictable (and preventable) roofing issue. For everything you need to keep things moving and avoid expensive, complicated roof issues, C.I. Services is here to help.

Ready to collaborate with a quality commercial roofing contractor in Los Angeles? For more information on how our team can help you achieve peak efficiency and minimize roofing repairs, reach out today and schedule an assessment for your commercial building.

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