Benefits of a Commercial Roofing Inspection

In a previous post, we discussed how spring offers an ideal time to prioritize your roofing systems. Likewise, spring is also the perfect time to schedule a routine roof inspection. Best case scenario, the roofing inspector won’t uncover any significant issues, and you can be confident that your roof is prepared to endure the summer sun and winter winds. If, however, the inspector does identify some areas of concern, you can take proactive measures to ensure that they don’t become more critical problems, saving you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Still on the fence about scheduling a springtime roof inspection? Here are three more key benefits that may just convince you.

Reasons to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof

Chances are, you may have spent more than you would have liked to on your roof. Your roofing system is a serious investment. The longer that investment lasts, the better value you’ll receive for your money. Having your roof inspected annually prolongs the life of your roof because you can address minor roof repairs on an ongoing basis.

When these minor repairs turn into more critical problems, they often lead to the need for a premature roof replacement. In other words, an annual roof inspection is to your roof as an oil change is to your car. Sure, you can keep driving the car without changing your oil, but eventually, the engine will blow up, and you’ll end up having to prematurely replace it. With a roof, you can keep using it, but without regular inspections and proactive maintenance, you’ll have to replace the entire roof when it could have lasted potentially lasted another five years or more.

Simplify Insurance Claims

If you have building insurance and your roof is protected against storm and severe weather damage, you should always have your roof inspected if you suspect damage. Experienced roofing contractors can file a detailed report on the condition of your roof. These reports simplify the process for making an insurance claim, and you’re more likely to have your claim approved when the report comes from a credible source with details for damages, repairs, and estimated costs.

Detecting Water Damage and Other Hidden Problems

One of the most critical threats to the health of your roof is water damage that can be almost impossible to detect with the naked eye alone. While the exterior of your roof may appear to be in excellent condition, moisture may be building up below the surface. Hiring a professional roofing inspector can provide you with expert insight to identify and address these hidden areas of concern.

California’s Roof Inspection Experts

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