Can I Install Solar Panels on My Roof?

Throughout the years, we’ve seen the rise, fall, and reemergence of roofing trends. One such trend that has gained popularity recently is solar panel installation. Thanks to advancements in technology, solar panels are better and cheaper than ever before, making it the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. While the idea of lowering your energy bills with solar power is enticing, you need to ask one question first: Are solar panels bad for your roof?   

Can I Install Solar Panels on My Roof?

It’s no surprise solar panels have become so popular for commercial and industrial buildings; they offer many financial and non-financial benefits. But are the advantages worth damage to your roof? A roof is a major investment, and you don’t want leaks or cracks to develop because your roof is not a good candidate for solar installation.

If you are thinking about installing a solar solution on top of your facility, but you’re worried about how it can affect your roof, then we have good news. Solar panels can be attached to most roof types, flat or sloping and can even be installed with non-penetrating, ballasted, solar panel support systems to truly protect your roof system. In fact, solar panels can actually add an extra layer of protection to your roof, in addition to increasing the value of your business.   

Types of Roofs Solar Panels Can Be Installed On

Commercial and industrial roofs can differ drastically in size and material used. Fortunately, there are many compatible options for solar panels. Some commercial and industrial roofs that are commonly seen with solar panels include:

  • Single-Ply (PVC and TPO)
  • Coated roof systems
  • Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roof Systems
  • BUR (Cap sheet, coated or graveled) 
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Metal
  • Shingle and Tile

What to Know Before Installing Solar Panels

Although most roofs can accommodate solar panel installation, this isn’t a decision you should make without a second thought. There are a few things to consider before you begin the installation. Here are a few key questions you may want to answer first:

  • What is the state of your roof?
    • If your roof is older or has some damage, it probably isn’t the best idea to install solar panels.
  • How much weight can your roof handle?
    • There’s a limit to how much weight a roof can handle before it is a structural issue. Installing panels adds weight to your roof. Knowing the answer to this question can determine how many panels you can install.
  • Is your roof solar-friendly?
    • A roof that’s covered in shade for most of the day won’t work well with solar panels
  • What’s the size and shape of your roof?
    • Commercial roofs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You need a certain amount of room to install a full solar system. Proper panel lay-out design is critical.

Premier Solar Installation Services

For best-in-class solar installation, turn to the experts at C.I. Services. We don’t just install your turnkey solar solution; our team also provides high quality ongoing support, repairs, and maintenance services. Our team stays with you from the beginning to the end of your system’s life cycle.

In addition to our solar solutions, we provide best-in-the-industry roofing services. We have worked with numerous commercial and industrial clients over the years. From waterproofing to full replacement of your roof system, our team provides everything you need for your roof.

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