Clean Energy – Why You Should Invest in Solar

If you’re looking for ways to hedge against rising energy costs while achieving lasting energy independence, a solar panel solution could help you accomplish just that. When deciding whether a commercial solar system may be a good fit for your business, you need to first understand the key benefits along with the common challenges. In this blog, we’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of both aspects of owning or leasing a solar power system.

Benefits of a Solar Electric System

Some of the most enticing reasons that businesses choose a solar array over traditional energy systems include:

Saving Money from Day One

While most people think of solar energy as providing long-term savings, today’s solar energy systems are designed to also save you money starting from day one. Solar power can reduce or eliminate the costs of traditional energy sources while offsetting the costs of your new solar installation.

Leveraging Incentives

As the solar energy industry rapidly expands, now is the time to maximize financial incentives and tax rebates before they’re gone. By leveraging incentives, you’ll be amazed by how much of your solar project is eligible for monetary benefits that help finance your project.

Flexible Financing

Whether you want to buy your solar array outright, finance your upgrade, or lease your system through a power purchase agreement, you have a lot of flexibility as to how you pay for your renewable energy solution.

Low Maintenance Requirements

You may be surprised to discover that a solar electric system generally requires less maintenance than just about any other energy infrastructure. Other than annual cleaning and inspection, a solar energy system is a fairly hands-off investment. And because today’s panels are built to last more than 25 years, you can enjoy low maintenance requirements for years to come.

The Potential for Positive Cash Flow

Depending on where you live, your business may be able to experience positive cash flow by supplementing energy production for your community.

Adding Value to Your Facility

If you ever go to sell your facility, a solar system adds substantial value to your building’s real estate value. At the same time, a solar array can appeal to a new market of environmentally-conscious buyers.

Solar Energy Challenges

While the benefits of a solar energy solution almost always outweigh the negatives, no system is without its obstacles. Common challenges include:

Solar Intensity

Because the output of your system depends on the intensity of the sunlight on any given day, your geographic location is important to consider before deploying a solar array. While solar panels can produce electricity anywhere in the country, the time it takes to experience a full return on your investment may be longer.

Energy Storage

Another critical factor to consider as you explore the possibility of a solar energy system is how you plan to store energy until it’s ready to be used. An energy storage system can be expensive. Thus, aligning energy production with energy demand is critical to ensuring the long-term success of your solar energy project.

If you want to take the next step to make a solar panel system a reality for your business, contact the experts at C.I. Services today. We specialize in every step of turnkey solar solutions to help your business prepare for the future by achieving lasting energy independence.

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