How to Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Storm Season

When storm season hits, your roof should be prepared. Keeping up with commercial roof maintenance helps, but preparing for a storm also requires special steps. If you want to protect your commercial roof from storm damage, you should use the following methods:

Preparing Your Roof for Storm Season

Have Your Flat Roof Waterproofed

Before heavy rains and high winds batter your roof, you should put a proper waterproofing membrane in place. Most types of commercial roofing membranes can be waterproofed, regardless of whether they are single ply, modified bitumen, metal, or Built-Up Asphalt. High-quality waterproofing systems can help prevent the wind and water damage that severe storms often bring.

Repair or Replace Damaged Roof Parts

You should have your roof inspected and repaired before storm season begins. Make sure there’s minimal ponding on the roof membrane and that no flashings are damaged. If you do find these or any other problems, you should have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Why is this important? Because if your membrane is holding water (ponding) or if any other parts of the roof show signs of damage, that damage could only get worse once a storm rolls in.

Implement a Roof Maintenance Program

Performing preventive maintenance means you periodically check your roof and have it inspected so any small problems you find do not become large ones. Implementing a roof maintenance program will get you in the habit of taking care of your roof and repairing damage. Then, when a storm comes, your roof will be in good enough shape that it can weather the wind and rain, and you’ll be ready to check it for storm damage afterward.

Secure Rooftop Equipment

If your roof has any equipment on it, like an HVAC system or any other machinery, you should make sure it is secured with proper strapping. This will prevent the equipment from becoming detached and knocking around on the roof during the storm. Keeping the equipment in place will save it and your roof installation from sustaining any extra damage.

Clear Your Property

If you have any mobile fixtures sitting outside on your property, tie them down or bring them inside if your building has space for them. Leaving them untethered during a storm could cause them to turn into flying debris. This will lessen the storm damage your roof might sustain.

Waterproofing for Your Commercial Property

Waterproofing can help extend the life of your roof and prevent it from sustaining water damage during a storm. At C.I. Services, we offer waterproofing for your commercial roof. We can also waterproof pool decks, balconies and patios, stairways, and elevator shafts. If you’re interested in our roofing or waterproofing services, or if you have any questions about them, please contact us today.

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