A Practical Guide to Commercial Roof Waterproofing in Southern California

Southern California does not get much rain, so the commercial roofing systems in this region might not seem like intuitive candidates for waterproofing solutions. After all, our headquarters is in Anaheim, which gets just 13.4 inches of rainfall per year, according to U.S. Climate Data. However, waterproofing doesn’t just protect a roof from rain. Waterproofing protects roofs from the elements, which can weaken them and increase the chance of water damage during the rainy winter months.

What Is Commercial Roof Waterproofing?

Waterproofing for commercial roofs is when professionals install materials or apply coatings that protect the roofs from chemical exposure, wind, or UV light. California has a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and cool, rainy winters. That means the sunny summer weather and coastal winds can take a toll on a commercial roof, especially a flat roof, by the time the winter rains come around. Using waterproofing materials on your business’s roof increases weather and water resistance, lengthening its lifespan.

Most types of roofs can be waterproofed, including modified bitumen, single ply, concrete, and metal roofs. At C.I. Services, we most often use spray coatings for waterproofing. We also offer our Econo-Shield Roof System, which combines asphalt emulsion, spray foam, and flashing roof systems to create a durable waterproofing membrane on the roof.

What Are the Additional Benefits of Waterproofing?

In addition to giving your roof weather protection, waterproofing can also make your building more energy efficient. For instance, some roofing contractors use water-based roof coatings, which are eco-friendly and can improve your roof’s insulation. Using eco-friendly waterproof roof coatings and materials can also help your business save money on your energy bills. Additionally, by preventing weather damage, waterproofing allows you to save money on roof repairs and replacement. Waterproofing is an environmentally friendly way to give your facilities high-quality protection from the elements.

California Commercial Roof Services

If you have any questions about commercial roof waterproofing, contact us today. We waterproof more than just roofs; we can help you if you need your pool deck, stairways, patio, or balcony waterproofed. We can also perform concrete restoration and sealing, urethane deck coating, and between-slab waterproofing needs. For all your waterproofing needs, call C.I. Services!

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