Why You Can Trust C.I. Services For Any Project

Your All-In-One Service Provider

Where is your building struggling right now? Maybe your roof is starting to really show signs of wear and tear, or maybe you’re paying too much on your energy bill and you want to transition to a more cost-effective alternative. There are countless ways that you might be falling short without even knowing— but that also means there are countless ways that our team can improve your facility’s functionality. At C.I. Services, we offer everything you need to achieve peak efficiency. 

Services We Offer

Why go to multiple different vendors if you don’t have to? As your premier solar and roofing specialist, there’s nobody more qualified than C.I. Services to take on the job. We provide every solution you need to maximize the functionality of your facility, including:

Roofing Inspections

Is your roof really strong enough to last for years to come? Unforeseen issues that lie just beneath the surface have a way of creeping up when you least suspect them. Our roofing inspections uncover problems that you may not even have been aware of and were likely unprepared to deal with in the future. A proactive approach to roof maintenance is always the best approach, and we make sure you’re always able to stay ahead of potential threats to your facility. 

Roof Installation, Repairs, and Replacements

Where in your roof’s life cycle are you? Maybe you’re just finishing up a new construction project and it’s time to install a new roof. Maybe you’ve been in the same space for a while and you just need minor repairs. Maybe you’ve suffered from a serious storm and urgently need to replace your entire roof structure immediately! Wherever you are in the process, we’re here to help. At C.I. Services, we’re here to shore up your roof through in-depth, high-quality roofing services. 

Solar Solutions

Are you looking to install a more affordable, energy-efficient solution for your facility? As the premier local solar solution expert, we excel at installing, maintaining, and supporting quality solar options including rooftop panels, parking structures, and more. With quick, predictable ROI and vastly improved energy efficiency compared to outdated solutions, solar is the best way forward for companies with an eye on the future. 

Begin Your Partnership Today

There’s no need to bounce between several different vendors when everything you need is available with a single provider. At C.I. Services, we specialize in helping our clients in a myriad of ways, with each service all with one central goal: to improve the functionality and efficiency of your facility. For more information on how we can help you improve the quality and longevity of your building, rain or shine, reach out today.

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