Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial California Roof

You know the rainy season occurs in California from October to February. During this time, you may discover your commercial roof has leaks. What do you do when that happens? You may like to use buckets to catch the water from the leaks, but there’s a better way to handle this problem. Let’s explore how preventative roof maintenance helps you during the rainy season.

The Causes of Roof Leaks in the Rainy Season

If you discover you have a leaky roof when the rain arrives, you may wonder what caused those leaks in the first place. Common causes of roof leaks include:

  • Damaged Membranes: Flat roof membranes are waterproof, so they keep water from leaking down into your building. But if these membranes tear or sustain other damage, they allow water into your building. Some membrane damage comes from storms, but it can also come from a poorly designed or installed roof membrane.
  • Broken Flashings: Flashings seal your roof’s edges and chimneys to prevent these components from sustaining damage. They also prevent the membrane from leaking, but severe weather often breaks the flashings so they no longer protect your roof.
  • Unsealed Penetrations: Penetrations are roof fixtures such as outdoor HVAC or electrical units and installations that open up to your interior space. If they aren’t sealed correctly, these penetrations cause leaks by allowing water into the building.
  • Drainage Problems: Flat commercial roofs aren’t completely flat. They do have very low slopes that help water flow to drains instead of pooling. However, sometimes roof membranes don’t drain correctly, and these roofs develop standing water that leads to roof leaks.

Want to stop your commercial California roof from leaking? Reach out to us to stop the leaks with our preventative maintenance services.

Stop Your Roof Leaks

How To Stop Roof Leaks in Your Commercial Building

Southern California roof repair and maintenance services help you prevent roof leaks in the rainy season and avoid other damage to your commercial building throughout the rest of the year. Preventative roof maintenance is the most helpful kind of maintenance, and it helps you avoid leaks and other roof issues.

How Does Preventative Maintenance Work?

Preventative maintenance programs involve your commercial roofer sending a technician to examine your structure a couple of times a year. They check your roof for drainage problems, broken flashings, unsealed penetrations, membrane damage, and other issues. Once your roofing technician finds these problems, they fix them before the problems grow.

What Are the Benefits of Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance offers several benefits, including reduced roofing costs, since you pay to fix small problems rather than major repairs. Another benefit is the way this maintenance maximizes your roof’s lifespan. When you have small problems fixed often, there isn’t time for the issues to escalate. That means you won’t need a roof replacement until your roof has been in place for about 15 to 20 years.

Practice Preventative Roof Maintenance in California With Us

If you want to maintain your roof before, during, and after the rainy season, reach out to us today. We always offer maintenance and repair services when you need them, and we cultivate a long-term relationship with you to keep your commercial roof in excellent shape for years to come.

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