Receiving ROI on Your Industrial Roof

Install a roof and you’re done, right? Wrong. Homeowners and business owners alike falsely assume that a brand-new roof immediately increases the value of their property. And while that’s definitely true in some cases, there’s a lot more that goes into receiving ROI on your commercial/ industrial roofing project. When it comes to finding out what you should be paying for your roof replacement cost and how likely it is that that specific roof will yield the return you want, there’s only one contractor for you.

Get the Return You Want With C.I. Services

Replacing your roof can be an expensive, risky proposition without the right guiding force. How do you know the solution you chose is the right one? How do you know the contractor you’re working with is going to deliver a result you can rely on for years to come? How can you know that your budget won’t fluctuate beyond a manageable amount when all is said and done? While these questions seem largely unanswerable at first glance, you can take steps to remove the ambiguity that comes with replacing your roof. And it all starts with working with the right provider.

So many factors come into play with a full-scale roof replacement and installation. The area you occupy, the materials your roof is already made from—the list goes on and on. That’s why it’s so important to nail down your contractor before the going gets tough. At C.I. Services, our team specializes in making sure your process goes smoothly and that you ultimately see the ROI you’ve always wanted for your building. In this blog, we’ll talk about why ROI analysis is important, what key components you need to account for, and how you can make sure you’re in the best position possible moving forward.

How to Analyze ROI

Before we break down this topic, we need to make sure we know how to calculate ROI. It’s simply comparing the cost of investment to profit. And while that might sound relatively simple, some key questions need to be considered:

  • Is the roof going to improve the structural integrity of the building?
  • Will the roof help reduce energy costs and improve the insulation value?
  • Will the roof’s life cycle extend to the point where the owner would receive value?
  • Are the roofing materials equal to or less than the value from selling?

It’s always important to get some context for how you analyze your potential for an ROI. Should you go all out and replace the entire roof? Or would a minor repair do the trick for now? Using those questions as a guide, you can make a more informed decision about your commercial roof. But that uncomfortable chasm between a quick fix and a comprehensive replacement process can create headaches if you’re not navigating the process diligently. Unless you’re deeply considering structural integrity, insulation values, energy costs, material longevity, and material costs, you’re doing your roof a disservice.

Maximize Your Chance of Success

It all starts with finding the right roofing contractor for the job you need to be completed. At C.I. Services, our team specializes in helping our customers find the perfect roofing solution for their unique situations. What good would a roof be if it didn’t make sense for your building? We want to help your team navigate the pitfalls that so commonly occur when companies attempt to fix their roofs, and we have the experience to help you clear hurdles you didn’t even know existed. Our team offers a variety of quality services designed to help you meet your budgetary targets, including:

  • Emergency roofing
  • Roof inspections
  • Roof maintenance
  • Waterproofing
  • Roof renovation
  • And more!

We know how complicated the process can be and how crucial it is that you maximize your ROI. That’s why no one is better than C.I. Services to help you with your next roofing project.

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