Is Your Commercial Roof Ready For The Winter Rain?

Water is one of your roof’s greatest enemies, along with temperature fluctuations over the course of the winter. So you need to make sure you and your roofing contractor are doing everything possible to protect your roof from the winter rains and cold weather. Wondering what you should be prioritizing during these winter months? Let’s get started.

Preparing For Winter

Making repairs as needed and prioritizing proactive roof maintenance end up being a lot cheaper than a full roof replacement due to rain or snow damage. Plus, you won’t have to worry about increased downtime as a result of a critical roof replacement. Our best advice is to make sure your roof is in optimal condition and up to date on maintenance before the winter rain and snow arrive.

Because flat roofs are more susceptible to water damage, they are at a higher risk of harm due to winter weather. Existing cracks, tears, or blisters can result in severe internal damage if not addressed before the winter rains arrive. Ceiling, structural, and interior repairs cost more and take more time than typical flat roof repairs, so you need to make sure these repairs are taken care of before the cold weather hits.

During The Winter

We always recommend keeping an eye on your roof during the winter. Even after you take the necessary steps to repair damage and perform preventative maintenance, a bout of severe weather can still result in serious issues. In the event of extreme weather events like strong thunderstorms or high winds, you should inspect your roof for damage. If it is extensive, you’re always better off going with a professional roof inspection.

In the event of weather damage, it’s essential to have your roof repaired quickly before it turns into a leak or leads to an issue that compromises structural integrity. Ensure that your roof is draining properly throughout the winter season. By keeping gutters and drains clear of debris, you don’t have to worry about water pooling.

After The Winter

After winter has come and gone, you should plan to have your roof inspected for damage that may have been caused during the winter. Small leaks are often difficult to spot and can quickly turn into more serious problems. Spring is the best time to have your roof inspected and repaired as needed. You can also use springtime to trim back any tree branches or foliage that may potentially damage your roof.

Is your roof ready for the winter? C.I. Services is the roofing company to help you answer that question with confidence. Ready to take the next step to protect the roof over your head? Contact our team today for roofing services that will help you keep your roof protected this winter.

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