How to Maintain a Roof

Maintaining your roof’s integrity for as long as possible is all about preventative maintenance. When you need a serious job done, it’s crucial to contact C.I. Services’ roofing specialists, but there are several maintenance steps business owners can take to ensure your roof’s quality remains intact and, ultimately, extend the life of your roof.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Here are several steps you can follow for routine roofing maintenance:

  • Fix Leaks Right Away: If you don’t fix damage that’s already done, your roof system’s quality will worsen. Ignoring a leak over time will make the repair a lot more expensive when it’s finally fixed.
  • Roof Inspections Twice a Year: It’s in the best interest of your business to schedule commercial building roofing inspections twice a year. C.I. Services’ professionals identify potential problems that your roof may have, including undetected cracks, ponding, or weak spots. We’ll also check for any possible issues around vents, pipes, equipment, skylights, walls, and joints. It’s also a best practice to schedule inspections before winter to avoid roofing issues during colder and wetter months.
  • Check Your Roof After Bad Storms: High winds and other storm elements can cause roof damage. If there’s a storm at your commercial building, schedule an inspection with a roofing specialist immediately to inspect for any damages.
  • Keep Your Commercial Roof Clean: Ensuring your roof is free of debris, foliage, mold growth, and drain clogs prevents damage in the future.
  • Regularly Unclog Gutters and Drains: Rain and storms can direct debris into your roof drainage system and clog your gutters, downspouts, or drain lines, which could lead to leaks, rusting and building damage.

Roofing Best Practices: Econo-Shield®

Our roofing specialists know industry best practices that produce quality results at an affordable price. That’s why we suggest Econo-Shield Roofing System® material to business owners. It’s a cost-effective solution to renovate your roofing service.

Econo-Shield Roofing System® allows business owners to preserve their existing roof system for an extra decade. Instead of installing a new roof, inspectors examine the existing roof conditions and extend the life of your entire roofing system using this unique and affordable new roof solution . After the inspection, C.I. Services’ roofing specialists work fast to complete the job, scheduling the project within five to 10 days.

Roof Maintenance Plans

C.I. Services offers a VIP commercial roofing maintenance program to all of our clients.

When you set up a roofing maintenance program, you’re investing in your commercial building’s future protection. We’ll provide a roof maintenance plan that fits your budget. And when you become a part of our VIP program, you can count on a detailed inspection, an outlined report of important information about your roof’s condition, and finally, a quality solution at an affordable price.

Maintain Your Roof With the Commercial Roofing Experts

You can test out our maintenance solutions for a full year! Contact us today to set up your first year trial run.

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