5 Things Commercial Roofing Contractors Wish Their Clients Knew

The better you understand your commercial roofing needs, the better decisions you’ll be able to make for an ideal roofing solution that makes the most of your budget while providing long-term protection for your building. When you have some fundamental roofing knowledge, it’s also easier for roofing companies to offer an optimal roofing experience and maximize customer satisfaction.

Here are five essential facts that we wish all of our customers knew before shopping around for a new roof installation or a roof replacement.

The Difference Between Manufacturer And Workmanship Warranties

Simply put, a workmanship warranty, also known as an installation warranty, is more likely than a manufacturer warranty to save you in the long run. Your manufacturer warranty protects your roofing materials from manufacturing defects. But even a 50-year manufacturer warranty won’t do you any good if your roof is improperly installed.

Many manufacturer warranties stipulate that the warranty is voided if materials aren’t professionally installed. That’s why you should prioritize the duration of a contractor’s installation warranty. Longer installation warranty terms indicate that a contractor stands by quality workmanship.

The Importance Of A Proactive Approach

The importance of routine maintenance and service cannot be understated. When you take a proactive approach to protect your roofing investment, you can significantly extend the lifetime of your roof. Too frequently, we have to replace roofs that could have lasted substantially longer if they’d been adequately maintained. Every year that you can put off a complete roof replacement is another year that regular maintenance ends up paying for itself.

When To Admit A Roof Is Beyond Repair

At a certain point, your roof is no longer worth repairing. Ongoing repair and hassle eventually outweigh the effectiveness of quick fixes. Once this point has been reached, you’re better off investing that money in a new roof paired with regular maintenance. However, it can be difficult to convince some customers that they really need a new roof until they’ve already dug themselves into a money pit.

The Difference A Local Contractor Can Make

Local contractors make all of the difference when it comes to delivering ideal roofing solutions for your climate and environment. A local contractor also has the knowledge of each community’s local codes, regulations, and permits, so you don’t have to worry about delayed timelines due to compliance issues.

The Relationship Between Contractors And Subcontractors

Before choosing a roofing contractor, you need to find out whether they use subcontractors. It’s critical to ensure that your contractor possesses the requisite licensing and insurance to protect your business. If a contractor uses a subcontractor without valid insurance or licenses, you may be liable if something ends up going wrong.

If you want to learn more about how an optimal roofing solution can protect your facility while maximizing your budget, contact the experts at C.I. Services today.

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