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Clean Energy Whenever You Need It

Solar energy is a growing trend for business owners. Nowadays, more and more companies are converting from conventional electricity to save money and be more eco-friendly. As the landscape of the electric grid shifts, several companies are starting to adopt this alternative source of clean energy for their building. This is a challenging project for many roofers to complete. Luckily, with C.I. Services by your side, we can make things much easier on you.

CIS has a team of expert solar roofing specialists. As California’s top solar installation company, we are committed to reducing your dependence on traditional energy, while simultaneously improving the health of our planet. We provide solar panels and renewable energy installations that utilize cutting-edge technologies. Our highly-trained technicians have years of experience installing complete solar systems. Rest easy knowing that we will perform a top-of-the-line solar installation that is safe, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.

The Total-Shield Project

Our Total-Shield program is the ultimate solar power system for commercial-sized businesses. It’s a comprehensive solar panel project only performed by some of the top solar and roofing experts. With the Total-Shield, you won’t ever have to worry about sky-high utility bills again. We inspect your entire surface and analyze the commercial solar panels that will support your property accordingly.

The top advantages of the Total-Shield include:

  • A complete solar analysis
  • Energy efficiency analysis
  • Full roof inspection and condition reporting
  • Solar panel and roofing system compatibility assurance
  • 10-15 year total system warranty


While many roofing companies hire a subcontractor, we do the work ourselves. With our background in roofing, we won’t compromise your roof like a subcontractor might. Our goal is to match the right system for your current and future energy requirements. With this in mind, we promise to do whatever it takes to help your company operate with full efficiency. This one-of-a-kind system is designed to generate appropriate energy power for a low, bottom-line price.

California’s Premier Commercial Solar Company

At C.I. Services, we are much more than a roofing company. We are complete solar specialists. Whether it’s just a day-lighting skylight system or a full solar PV program, you can trust us to complete the task correctly, every time. Rain or shine, you can count on us for full support.

Contact one of our experts toll-free to learn more about our solar panel repairs for commercial buildings. Check out the Total-Shield options today. Give us a call at (800) 830-7888 or send us a message to get set up with one of our elite solar roofing solutions.

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