Drone Roof Inspection

We use technology to survey every square inch of your roof to provide the most accurate assessment.

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Drone Roof Inspection

When it comes to roof inspections, it’s best to be as accurate as possible. A thorough survey of your roof system allows for a better diagnosis of its condition. Having the right information about your roof can be crucial when making a decision on if you need roof maintenance, repair, or replacement.

At C.I. Services, we are committed to excellence, and we strive to deliver service that excels expectations. That’s why we take an innovative approach to our roof inspections. By using a drone as a roof inspection camera, our technicians can scope the entire area, documenting every square inch of your roof system. Combined with our 3D drone mapping program, our team is able to give you a highly detailed roof inspection report.

Why Use Drones?

Drones are no substitute for an actual trained professional’s eyes, ears, and hands. However, using a drone can make roof inspections safer, more efficient, and more detailed, and here’s how:

  • Safety: There are some buildings with roofs that are inaccessible or simply too daunting to pull out a ladder. A drone-based roof inspection can produce images that may be too difficult for a contractor to take.
  • Efficiency: A drone can drastically reduce the amount of time needed to survey a property. It can also reduce the amount of manpower needed to perform the job—from a full team all the way down to a two-person crew.
  • More Detailed: Drones are able to take pictures of your roof from a variety of angles. When these pictures are sent to our 3D mapping software, it allows our contractors to reproduce a high-resolution 3D model of your building you can access via the cloud. This is much more helpful than some notes on a piece of paper and a crude drawing.

Complimentary Service

With other roofing contractors, a roof inspection can be expensive. That’s not the case with C.I. Services. When clients choose us as their vendor, we are able to perform this service free of charge for any commercial property. Through traditional and drone inspections, our experienced technicians can help you determine what solutions would work best for your situation. From there, we can use the information to begin work and get your roof back in top condition.

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With C.I. Services by your side, you can rest easy knowing that your roofing system is in the hands of highly trained experts. It is our goal to deliver a solution that is stable, protective, and long-lasting. So, the next time you need a roof inspection, reach out to California’s leader in roofing solutions, C.I. Services.

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Visit our About Us page to learn more about our history, processes, and customer service offerings. These offerings include a customer portal where you view your entire project portfolio, report service requests, and set and monitor your roofing budgets. We also provide detailed project proposals with photos that assess your roof’s needs and outline what needs to be done. On the process side of things, we partner with only the top industry manufacturers to ensure your roof always has high-quality materials to keep it going. Our company leaders are also extremely involved in roofing industry associations, such as the NRCA, WSRCA, and RCAC. We stay involved in these organizations so we can always stay on top of the latest roofing advancements and keep our customers informed about them. Our About Us page has all this information and more.

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