Key Benefits of the Econo-Shield Roof System®

At C.I. Services, we’re committed to delivering leading roofing solutions for an incredible value. As a part of that commitment, we’ve developed our own proprietary Econo-Shield® roofing material. This hybrid roofing solution combines three critical roofing elements—asphalt emulsion, spray foam, and flashing—to create a seamless, durable roofing surface. Here are some of the other vital benefits businesses across California can experience with an Econo-Shield Roof System®.

Extended Roof Lifetime

An Econo-Shield solution makes the most of your existing commercial roofing system. You can add more than 12 years to the life of your commercial roof with Econo-Shield®. We also offer 12- and 17-year shield warranties. We take care of routine maintenance to ensure your Econo-Shield® system serves you for years to come. If you’re considering replacing your roof, Econo-Shield® offers a cost-effective option without the hassle of a full roof replacement.

A Turnkey System

Our Econo-Shield® systems blend three critical roofing technologies to create a product that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Because each component is designed and installed to work in unison, you get a durable, waterproof roofing system that’s made to outlast anything else on the market.

Energy Savings

Our Econo-Shield® systems are installed with a white finish that reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it. This keeps your building cooler in warm temperatures, saving you money on utilities.

Rapid Installation Timelines

After our team has assessed the condition of your roof and provided a quote, we typically begin installing your Econo-Shield® roofing system in five to 10 days. Plus, Econo-Shield® systems are quicker to install than a complete roof replacement, so it’s like getting a new roof at a fraction of the price in substantially less time.

Tax Write-Offs

Our Econo-Shield® systems involve a three-step process that’s completed over three years. This approach allows you to use the cost of the installation as a tax write-off for each of those years. By receiving a total write-off for the installation, you can get a high-performance roofing solution as cost-effectively as possible.

Flexible Financing

C.I. Services works with you to offer flexible financing options. Whether you want to pay for the project upfront or you’d rather finance the cost, we can customize a financing platform for your goals.

Reduced Waste

Because an Econo-Shield® system makes the most of your existing roofing system, it’s a more ecologically friendly option than a full roof replacement. Material waste is minimal, and our team is able to reduce the amount of trash your project produces.

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As California’s leading commercial roofing contractor, C.I. Services is here to serve all of your roofing needs. Contact our team today to learn more about how our Econo-Shield® roofing systems are revolutionizing the roofing industry.

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