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At C.I. Services, we believe in giving back to our community. Find out how we’ve done that here.

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As a roofing business, we understand our place in our community. That’s why C.I. Services works hard to give back whenever we can. We work with nonprofit and community-centered organizations to ensure the roofs of their buildings are safe and effective. We also find ways to help young people enter the roofing industry and learn a trade that gives them a fulfilling career. Here are some examples of how we’ve given back to our community in recent years.

Ronald McDonald House 

We connected with another local roofing contractor, Antis Roofing, through the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). They put us in touch with the Ronald McDonald House, who asked us to collaborate with Antis to complete roofing projects at the Ronald McDonald Camp. This camp is a mountain retreat for families who receive support services from the non-profit. We brought out a small crew and repaired every roof at the camp pro bono, ensuring that the Ronald McDonald House could bring families there for a safe, fun experience.

Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) Davis Memorial Scholarships

The WSRCA is an organization that supports roofing contractors in 11 western states and makes sure they have what they need to perform their jobs properly. One of our leaders, a former WSRCA President, is currently on its board for the Davis Memorial Fund. This fund offers scholarships that cover education and training to young people who want to go into roofing. We support this scholarship because we understand that roofing can only continue as an industry and a trade if young people have the opportunity to train as roofing professionals.

Church Roofing Projects

We understand that churches serve their community, and their facilities need to be safe for their congregations. Local churches reach out to C.I. Services for help with their roofing issues, and we always respond promptly. We assist churches because we believe places of worship should have easy access to necessary services, including roofing, regardless of their financial status.

How We Help Our Community

We give back predominantly by providing roofing services to nonprofit organizations like the Ronald McDonald House and community organizations like churches. Why do we choose these causes? Working with nonprofits and community organizations makes sense for us as a business. We want to contribute to our community, and offering roofing services to organizations that serve the community is the best way to do so. And we support roofing-related scholarships like the Davis Memorial Fund because we know we have to grow our trade to keep it going for generations to come. Overall, we do these things to help the world we live in and do business with.

Why We Give Back to Our Community

We contribute to our community because we do not exist in a vacuum. We do business with the community around us, and we know it’s best for everyone if we give back to it whenever we can. Everyone in our community looks to us to deliver excellent commercial and industrial roofing services, but we want to do more than that. C.I. Services wants to ensure that everyone has access to the roofing services they need, as well as the ability to join the roofing industry if they wish to.

How Can We Help Your Organization?

If your nonprofit organization needs roofing services, reach out to us today for help. We’ll talk you through your project and how we can complete it while achieving our own philanthropic goals. Whatever you need, we’ll find a way to solve your roofing problems.

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