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Productive Solutions For Your Roofing Problems.

Every day, our technicians get questions about roofing, repairs, and maintenance. Many times, people are searching for a simple solution to a problem or expert guidance to their roofing questions. At C.I. Services, we are dedicated to helping customers solve their problems.

To help streamline your success, here are some of the answers that you might be looking for:

Q: What wears out roofs?

​A: Many things may cause your roof to wear out prematurely. These are some of the most common reasons why you may experience early wear and tear:

​Q: What is the biggest cause of premature roof failure?

A: Roofing neglect is perhaps the single biggest cause of premature roof failure. A small amount of attention to your roofing system twice a year can extend a roof life by 35%. Don’t forget to schedule routine roofing maintenance.

Q: What long-term exposure can cause roofs to wear out?

A: Any long-term exposure to sun, water, or freeze-thaw can quickly age a roof system.

Q: What are CIS’ 6 steps to Roof Management?

​A: CIS 6 steps to roof management are:

  1. Inspection Survey
  2. Storm Preparation
  3. Leak Management
  4. Repair and Maintenance
  5. Life Extension
  6. Replacement

Q: What are helpful tips for inspecting your roofing system?

A: ​To ensure that you receive the highest quality of roofing services you should partner with a trusted and experienced roofing professional. After partnering with a trusted service provider, you’ll need to discuss your overall roof performance goals. Finally, research and verify any buildings with current roof warranties in place.

​Q: What should your roofing inspection include?

A: ​ When hiring a company for a roof inspection, your roofing inspection should include the following:

Q: How can I extend the lifespan of my roofing system?

A: All roofing systems come with a lifespan. Regular maintenance will extend the performance, but to truly extend its life, the surface will eventually require something much more extensive. Liquid-applied coat­ing/roof systems are ideal for extending the life of an existing channel. This is a process that consists of elastomeric, acrylic, urethane, and other roofing-specific durable coating systems.

This new layer of protection:

​Q: What items should I discuss with my roofing professional when choosing a coating or liquid-applied re-cover system?

A: ​When you decide on a coating, your roofing professional needs to address the following:

Q: What are the advantages of choosing CIS for all your roofing, waterproofing and solar needs?

A: ​Choosing to partner with CIS will give you an edge over your competitors. With our help, we’ll make sure that you are always ahead of the curb.

Some of the advantages of working with CIS are:

​Q: What types of roofing, waterproofing, and solar systems does CIS install?

A: ​At CIS, we install all types of roofing, waterproofing and solar systems. This includes:

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